Monday, December 30, 2013

jazzy upright bass

I think of him often when I hear a good bass line. It coo's me with its deep moving melody. it makes me think of how convincing me of something came so easily to him.

  • We should probably climb on the roof. yup, good idea; even though I'm terribly afraid of heights   
  • Let's date for 8 months and not end up being together. cool. sounds like we'll fall in love and end up being really sad for the rest our lives!      
  • You should cuddle me. I promise, we'll just cuddle. ok. (it never ends up being JUST CUDDLING.)       
 Fuck. I miss him so much. when I see his face pop up on my newsfeed, I get that giddy feeling and a smile takes over my face. and then I realize the facts:      He will end up on the other side of the country, he will find a nice girl who is preferably infertile, and he will be so passionate about everything he does, and inspire his friends, and fiercely love that nice girl.    And I, well... I'll meet someone. When I have gotten over mixed emotions of online dating and of sifting through the random messages and subdued sexual context. FUCK.

CLEARLY, living on the other side of the country is NOT conducive to dating. So, here we are.

 I made an online profile, I'm answering messages and I'm checking out different candidates. But is this really all it is? 'Cause quite frankly, if we were out on a real live in-person date; I wouldn't be asking you things I saw on your profile. I would have a drink to ease the nerves if you were cute enough, and really let you do all the talking.  I'd slowly win you over with my genuine smile and shyness, and make you realize you talk to much, and then have you continue to talk at me.

Truth be told. this is safe. I get to sit at my computer, with my leggings, a long sweater, a magic bag and now a warm blanket fresh out of the drier! Fuck yes!   I love being fucking cozy.


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